• Mouse Trap

    I discovered six 0days that allow a remote attacker to get full RCE on a box with no user interaction. MouseTrap is a suite of vulnerabilities and accompanying exploits that targets the RemoteMouse application and service. As of the release date 05/06/2021, the vulnerabilities have not been patched.

  • Icon Shuffle

    My friend and I were discussing how nerfarious it would be to shuffle someone’s icons on their desktop…

  • Base64 Encoded Character Distribution

    Little project I was working on to determine the distribution of uppercase, lowercase, and numerical characters in Base64. I was talking to a coworker trying to figure out how to detect exfiltration attempts in DNS logs, when this idea occured to me. I figured since Base64 regex is pretty bad (considering it’s just plain-text), I wanted a better way to figure out how to determine Base64 from plain-text, without having to muck around in AI/ML/NN.

  • Nerd Night Presentation (Spring 2019)

    Presentation I gave at Drexel’s Nerd Night titled “Practical Applications of Reverse Engineering using NSA’s GHIDRA”.